Welcome to Easton Farm

The Easton Farm is an in-town neighborhood on the historic ‘Easton Farm’ site in the City of Springboro, Ohio.  The Easton Farm concept takes inspiration from the townscapes of small, historic Ohio villages, while incorporating updated ideas for streetscapes, parks, open spaces and connective pathways as a platform for a variety of market rate residences and mixed-use commercial district facing 741.

Tree lined streets will connect the residential neighborhood to the mixed-use district and to it’s service offerings.  Sidewalks, bike paths, greenways along with interspersed community amenities will encourage pedestrian interconnection and walkability both within The Easton Farm site and to the adjacent city parks and neighborhoods.

The Easton Farm is a 105-acre parcel of land on the west side of 741 just south of Anna drive and north of Tamarak in Springboro, Ohio.  This proposed $265 million mixed-use neighborhood community would include a commercial district, parks, walking/biking paths, a multi-family project, an independent living project, townhomes and single-family homes.

The Easton Farm project is being co-developed by Dillin and Borror.

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